The Green Hornet

Posted: January 15, 2011 by curlyshirley in Film
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In a nutshell: Like a little brother – funny, fun but needs to grow up a little.

Popcorn rating: 3/5

It’s hard to dislike Seth Rogen. Even when he’s being a complete knob – like refusing to grow up in Knocked Up, dishing out random advice in The 40 Year Old Virgin or making a porno in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Essentially, Rogen is like a frustrating little brother – a chubby stoner who scoffs all the pizza, puts the empty milk carton back in the fridge and repels your friends by making boob jokes about, well, their boobs. Rogen has made a career for himself playing fozzie bear and, while he hasn’t stretched his talents playing wannabe superhero squillionaire Brit Read aka The Green Hornet, that goofy lovability works well here… most of the time.

The tale itself, in case you aren’t one of the fanboys peeing their pants over the arrival of The Green Hornet (3D),  is simple – rich orphan becomes crime fighting antihero with the help of a techy whizzkid, a sexed up motor and a penchant for mayhem. So far, so Batman. Except, with Rogen and mates  on board, The Green Hornet doesn’t take itself as seriously as *puts on deep voice* The Batman. And that’s good, because not only are there no embarrassing voices making you cringe behind your popcorn but one of the best things about The Green Hornet is that it’s funny, like properly laugh at loud mirthlicious.

Unfortunately funny isn’t always enough. With more superheroes gracing our screens than you can shake a light sabre at  ( ), today’s audiences expect more than a couple of chuckles, a cute cameo and a big fat explosion. We want bromance, romance, car chases, bad guys with issues, good guys with flaws, big guns, bigger bangs and brain boggling street fights all tied up with a storyline that will squeeze every drop of emotion out of us like wringing out one sheet of Bounty. It’s a lot to ask but, hey, life’s tough.

The Green Hornet’s funny, its 3D looks good and it starts off strong with a heart breaking back story about daddy but then it loses the thread slightly, lurching from scene to scene like a toddler in Santa Land, over explaining the storyline with dodgy dialogue, throwing in unnecessary “stylish” graphics when you want to see some proper kick ass fighting and dragging out odd scenes just for the laughs.

Sure, there are flashes of comedy gold in The Green Hornet.  You can really see where  director Michael Gondry was going. He just didn’t quite get there. It’s a bit like when your gran asks if you want a biscuit and, instead of the expected chocolately Hobnob, you get two Rich Tea with a bit of marg in between.

Reviewer: Curlyshirley

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