In a nutshell: Spooky eye candy for the ipod generation

Popcorn rating: 2.5/5

Oh I do like a good ghost story. Nothing quite like a few spooky goings on to get the blood pumping and the skin a–goose pimpling, so when I heard about Sky Living’s new ghost series Bedlam, fair to say I was chomping at the bit.

Bedlam centres around Kate Bettany (Charlotte Salt) and her dad Warren (Hugo Speer),  two mean business types who have decided to convert a former lunatic asylum into the wittily named Bedlam apartments (geddit?). And the flats really are Grade A stunning apartments, boasting an array of sexy occupants. Sharing screen space with Kate  are tormented hunk Jed (Theo James), geek Ryan (Will Young) and boho Moll (Ashley Madekwe). Jed is the plot’s main driver and is a bit like The Ghost Whisperer in that he can see the ghosts. That means it’s up to him and his new pal Ryan to help both the living and the dead move on, while a pot boiler missing girl storyline plods along underneath.

Happily, Bedlam gets right in there with the malevolent hauntings from the get-go. A plethora of mirrors are at the ready to show creepy faces that oughtn’t to be there and the sheer mammoth size of creepsville Bedlam means lots of stalking spooks. Excellent. And if you get tired of the ghosties, the sheer sexed up loveliness of the cast are there to gaze at.

On the downside, there are quite a few “teething problems” –  the dialogue is often stilted and the plot is just a tad too contrived. Property developer Warren isn’t just set up as the baddie, he is hammered into our minds as a total and utter cold hearted bastard. Look at him, glowering from the window, glowering in the office, just generally glowering.

I really want to like Bedlam but, to be better than it is, Bedlam needs to make the audience empathise with its characters and, even tougher, it needs to keep us jaded viewers hooked with a new creepy story every week. I hope it can, I’m just a little doubtful.

Reviewer: Curlyshirles


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