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In a nutshell: Disney gets back to its roots with a not so Grimm fairy tale.

Popcorn rating: 4/5

The Mouse House once had the market sewn up in animation. Uncle Walt’s studio had been synonymous with superior animation, reaping such classics as Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and Bambi. Then Pixar and Dreamworks, founded by young whippersnappers with big dreams and technological wizardry, upset the planetary alignments with trailblazers like Toy Story and Shrek – which reinvented the fairytale genre forever.

Pixar and Disney are now one and the same with John Lasseter head honcho of animation, but Tangled, the studios 50th animation feature is more in the vein of the traditional Disney animation format than Pixar’s – but with a modern twist.Disney apparently re-jigged the classic tale of Rapunzel – a princess locked in a tower – to the more unisex Tangled, placing the male love interest at the centre. Cynical marketing ploy or not, it works.

What Disney has always done best are the little touches and directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard and a fabulous team of animators deliver in spades. Tangled takes place in a typically luscious technicolour landscape and is as gorgeous and sparkly as the heroine’s magic hair (a new addition to the original tale). The absolutely mesmerising lakeside lantern scene is a joy to watch – the sort of breathtaking sequence that made Disney so great.

The vocal talents are also great. Pop princess turned actress Mandy Moore impresses as Rapunzel, Chuck’s Zachary Levi is spot on as the dashing but bungling hero Flynn and, best of all, is stage legend Donna Murphy as villainess Gothel, all nailing the catchy musical numbers.

The variations on the Brothers Grimm traditional plot are a similar success, with surprising and crucially enjoyable twists and turns, resulting in an action packed and entertaining take on a damsel in distress – a formidable force herself, armed with her hair and a frying pan.

Funny, touching, thrilling, romantic and absolutely gorgeous, Tangled is Disney at its traditional best, with enough modern infusion to keep the discerning child audiences of today entertained. Despite the intended unisex audience possibly more one for the girls – but one tale that will spellbind little princesses, no matter what their ages.

Reviewer: aoifewantonmovielover

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