Posted: May 2, 2011 by curlyshirley in Film
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In a nutshell: Time to lay the this murderer to rest

Popcorn rating: 2.5/5

At heart I’m a pacifist – I even chase flies out of my flat with a tea towel, rather than squshing them. And yet, the best thing I can say about Scre4m is that lots of really annoying, smug, High School richies get offed. Says it all really.

The Scream franchise has so far been a massive hit, the first film, back in 1996, reigniting a tired genre with a fast paced, wry remix that hit just the right note. That was a while ago, however, fifteen years to be exact, and while Scream 2 and 3 have managed to keep some of the magic alive, the fourth instalment is showing signs of wear and tear.

The latest film is once again set back in the lovely, All American Woodsboro with heroine Sidney (Neve Campbell) back in town to promote her new book, her own memoirs of the horrific events which have happened to her. Cue movie loving geeks donning the now jaded ghost face mask and killing, well, pretty much everyone, armed with the now legendary big, sharp knife. Throw in that beloved Scream “postmodern” twist which see the local high school kids knowingly discussing who will be the next victim in line with the movie genre’s progression and you’ve got it – Scream 4 or, if you can stomach it this way, Scre4m.

Unfortunately, while it is not quite as woeful as it might have been, Scre4m is not quite good either. Sure, the  actors throw themselves into their roles with glee and there are some giggles along the way – it is even warming to see some of the staple characters from previous outings back on screen (who doesn’t love Dewey?). Unfortunately, given how many jumps and twists we have already seen down Woodsboro, number four soon starts to feel a little boring and, despite the stabbings coming thick and fast, it is missing that must have ingredient – fear.

Painstakingly, irritatingly determined to be modern (Facebook? Check. Twitter? Check. Webcams, Youtube, apps? Check, check, check) and about as scary as seeing your mum before she has her make-up on of a morning, when it comes to Scre4m the must I can muster is meh.

Reviewer: Curlyshirley


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