In a nutshell: Inner city kids kick some nasty alien ass. Trust.

Popcorn rating: 4/5

Every now and then a new Brit flick comes along which is universally lauded as the movie to watch, the movie to reinvigorate the British film industry, the movie that wannabe film makers will ape for the next few months. This year that movie was Attack the Block, and, pleasingly, Attack the Block really, honestly is a stellar little low budget movie that is well worth a-watch.

We all know inner city kids are tough, smart arse little tykes, their brains addled by violent video games, telly and general capitalist greed, running round in packs of scary knife toting gangs, looting the middle class and despising the rich.

But, as director and writer Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block depicts, those nasty little youths not only have a secret heart of gold and sometimes have it tough but, when they have to, they are capable of protecting their own. So what else would they do when their community is attacked by crazy alien monsters from outer space? Kill or be killed of course. Believe.

It is the kids who, unsurprisingly, are the stars of this tight tale of urban warfare. From the two determined little ‘uns (Probs and Mayhem – Sammy Williams and Michael Ajao) taking on one of the beasts with their fuel-filled super soakerl to the smart mouthed, hip hop clothed central gang, each actor is spot on in their portrayal. Leading the pack is John Boyega, bringing a charismatic stoicism beyond his tender years to the role of Moses. An actor to watch for the future.

The language is too is excellent, enlivening the street patois of the kids and adding humour to what is, essentially, a fairly dark tale. Attack the Block is no sugar rush. People die, or fight, or fight and die. No one’s safety is a given, nothing is certain, adding just that edge of tension.

The monsters themselves have come in for a bit of stick critically and it is easy to see why; budgets constraints no doubt making the other world beasts seem a little too CGI at times. It is not a major problem though. Sure they aren’t perfect but they are different to other alien imaginings of late and, somehow, in this harsh, grey landscape they work; their animal ferocity and hunting instincts evoking the necessary fear.

A killer movie that you gotta watch, straight.

Reviewer: CurlyShirley


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