In a nutshell: Folklore gets a cinematic twist. Christians beware!

Popcorn rating: 4/5

Most of us will remember children’s bedtime stories about trolls lurking under bridges. But many people will be a little less familiar with the concept that trolls turn to stone, explode when exposed to UV light or experience bloodlust when they smell a Christian.

Trolls are also kept from wandering from their homes in the hills and forests using electricity pylons.

Norwegian film Troll Hunter is a bizarre yet thoroughly amusing tale about a man who keeps track of the country’s trolls by smearing himself with their gunk to disguise his scent. Sleeping all day and leaving mysteriously each night from his trailer park home, Hans (Otto Jespersen) is an outsider to everyone.

Everyone, that is, apart from the student film crew which are following his every move. Reluctantly Hans  allows the youths full access to his night time activities. Let the carnage commence.

The film is recorded in a handheld ‘shakey cam’ documentary style which has almost become a genre in itself after the success of The Blair Witch Project, Rec and Cloverfield.

It is a fitting tribute and twist on popular folklore and films takes you on a journey of discovery as the trolls become more wild and wonderful with each sighting.

Some moments are quite frightening but essentially this is a light-hearted story. The hilarious moments come when you see the Government trying harder and harder to dismiss the outrageous aftermath of troll attacks as perfectly natural events – usually written off as a bear attack.

There’s even a tribute to bedtime stories with one troll hiding under a bridge and only being lured out when a sheep is offered as a snack.

For anyone who doesn’t take their films too seriously, Troll Hunter is fantastic. Cult classic status awaits.

Reviewer: David Morgan


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