In a nutshell: Spielberg works his magic on a classic comic icon.

Popcorn rating: 3.5/5

Belgian artist Hergé (pen name of  Georges Rémi)  once said he “thought Spielberg was the only person who could ever do Tintin justice.” The late comic writer created the boy reporter and adventurer in 1929 and now here we are in 2011 where his vision has come true.

It’s up to film fans and critics to discuss what The Adventures of Tintin would have been like in someone else’s hands but Hergé was right – Spielberg has done wonders with it.

Obviously the most noticeable thing about Tintin is its gorgeous motion capture visuals, which involves transforming the actions of real actors into animated sequences. It’s been done before with the likes of Mars Needs Moms where it was greeted by an underwhelmed audience. This time it is more promising with Spielberg proving how immersive the technique can be. Indeed, perhaps Tintin will do for motion capture what Avatar did for 3D.

Despite its flashy visuals, Tintin has an old fashioned feel to it. The globe-trotting adventure is almost reminiscent of Spielberg’s Indiana Jones films but is more accessible and child friendly. It will be a hit with the kids but you may be left with the lingering sense that more should have been on offer for adults.

The story sees Tintin (Jamie Bell) and his new friend Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) search for a sunken treasure ship that was commanded by one of Haddock’s ancestors. They aren’t alone,however; hot on the trail is villain Ivanovich Sakharine (Daniel Craig).

Essentially, Tintin shows a cast and crew at the top of their game having a lot of fun. You know you are in safe hands with the likes of Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson producing. The film even reunites the team behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as Thomson and Thompson and director Edgar Wright as a script writer.

Expect multiple sequels.

Reviewer: DavidMorgan


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