In a nutshell: Freezing time, talking cats…and everyday life

Popcorn rating: 3.5/5

The Future may feature a cat that can talk and man who can freeze time and chat to the moon. But believe it or not, Miranda July’s second film isn’t that detached from reality.

Despite the supernatural elements, this story is really about common problems, like being scared of commitment and lacking ambition and direction. At one time or another, we’ve all been guilty of avoiding our problems or swerving around them. July takes these components of everyday life and magnifies them before giving them a twist – but you can still relate to it…sort of.

Sophie (July) and Jason (Hamish Linklater) are an oddball couple who decide to they are ready to adopt a stray cat called Paw-Paw, who is also voiced by July. But the cat has an injured paw and the pair have a month to wait until he is in a fit state before they can take him home.

With just 30 days of ‘freedom’ remaining, Sophie and Jason decide to quit their jobs, as a dance instructor for kids and IT help desk man, to fulfil their dreams. Jason attempts to save the world one tree at a time and Sophie ends up in the arms of another man.

Meanwhile, Paw-Paw shares his thoughts with the audience on his lonely existence in a cage and dreams of a life with company and comfort. It is a delight for feline fans but obviously this is incredibly quirky and weird and not for everyone. It is also a lot more sad than anticipated.

And what of stopping time? To say more would be to give too much away but the scene is the most bizarre yet somehow touching and poignant. It will remind you of all those moments you wished you could freeze a moment.

Reviewer: DavidMorgan


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