About Popcorn

Movie, telly blah, blah, blah. Righto, so we’re just another one of the thousands of movie review blogs out there, giving our tuppence on the old and the new, from latest releases to golden oldies and sometimes even those films languishing in the five quid DVD basket. We don’t promise much here at Popcorn but we do promise one thing – honesty. We says what we thinks. And that’s what Popcorn is dedicated to: good writing, thoughtful reviews and cutting through the media spin to say whether a movie cuts the mustard, or is best chucked back into the bargain bin.

Popcorn rating explained:

1/5 – Avoid, block, run for the hills.

2/5 – We weep for humankind. And those who watch this.

3/5 – Meh.

4/5 – Ooooh, that was actually quite good. Go see.

5/5 – Now we’re cooking. Unmissable.

6/5 – Like if Heat and Inception and The Dark Knight Rises got together in the Chateau Marmont and made a baby and that baby was like The Greatest Film Known To Man. Rare. Possibly extinct.

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