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TRON: Legacy (in 3D)

Posted: December 6, 2010 by curlyshirley in Film
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In a nutshell: The story is cobbles but check your brain at the door and soak your senses in TRON. Let the games commence.

Popcorn rating: 3/5

TRON: Legacy is not perfect. The first shot of a “young” Jeff Bridges in all his CGI glory is just, well, creepy and the ‘son of the creator’ plot has so many holes you may as well have knitted it yourself out of some leftover wool.

But who cares? Nobody ever really thought the story was going to win awards. No one that heads out on a cold winter’s eve to see TRON: Legacy will be out for something as mundane as a plot.

You are there for the grid. And the grid, my geeky friends, does not disappoint.

After a few meandering set-the-story scenes (and that weird “young” Bridges CGI thing) you are soon in the virtual world of TRON and what a world it is. From its zippy, neon lines to the stylish blue and white glassiness of Flynn’s castle in the mountains to the sheer dexterity of its death games, everything about this computer generated world screams: “I am stylish. Got that? OK? Sty.Lish. Yip. That’s me.”

If you value looks over substance, then lie back and wallow in how gloriously, menacingly chilling it all looks. Enjoy the frantic games, the uber cool unicycles, the spinning discs and the mesmerising, speedy elegance of the unbeatable Tron. Giggle at old Flynn’s 1980s lingo (did he just say “rad?”) and Michael Sheen’s OTT Castor. Drink in the harsh, dystopian cyber beauty of it all.

Then pick up your brain at the door, leave the cinema, grab a beer and talk about how awesome it all was. How you wouldn’t mind seeing the first one now. How it all a got a bit Messiah at one point, which was kinda weird. How you’re glad you saw it in IMAX/3D because TRON: Legacy on DVD just won’t be the same. Even if you have got a 54” 1080p TV in your living room. Which says it all about the plot.

Then you can talk about all that other important stuff. Like war and politics and budgets and stuff. Or, if you were a computer game, what would you be?

Reviewer: curlyshirley