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In a nutshell: Puzzling and disorientating but rewarding if you stick with it

Popcorn rating: 3.5/5

Colter Stevens wakes up on a train he doesn’t remember boarding and is sitting opposite a woman he doesn’t recognise. Eight minutes later the train explodes.

Stevens, a soldier, then wakes up again but is suspended in a flight suit in a strange dark cubicle. He is back, it seems, in the Source Code. Let the mayhem commence.

The film starts off as it means to go on – as a disorientating thriller that has you guessing and speculating until the end.

The first sequences are brilliantly executed as the audience shares the puzzle and anxiety with the equally confused military protagonist, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, whose only connection to the outside world is through a tiny screen, to Captain Goodwin (Vera Farmiga).

Source Code is the story of secret military technology which Colter is able to use – unwittingly at first – to prevent a crisis by accessing someone’s memory eight minutes before their death.

The idea, with this situation, is that if Colter can find the train’s bomber, he can prevent the next terrorist attack. As you might expect, nothing is ever that simple and there’s more twists than a Latin dance class – with some decent surprises along the way.

Added into the mix is Director Duncan Jones who brings his distinct visual style to the film.  As with his previous work on the excellent Moon, he successfully creates a sense of claustrophobia when it comes to modern technology.

Trying to keep up with the science may give you a headache but it’s essentially a cross between Deja Vous and Vantage Point with a little bit of Quantum Leap thrown in for good measure.

And yet, when the whole plot unfolds, it’s difficult not to feel a little disappointed.  There’s a sense that the filmmakers were trying too hard to find a happy ending which only seems to muddle things up in the closing scenes.

Reviewer: DavidMorgan