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In a nutshell: Camping it up with the gods of Asgard

Popcorn rating: 4/5

Some seriously dreadeful movies of late have, and I hate to admit it, made me  rather wary of the comic book based blockbuster. Sure, there’s been some good ones (Batman Begins, Dark Knight, X-Men Origins: Wolverine etc) – but amongst the jewels, there has also been a fair amount of shiny junk (Iron Man 2 anyone?). So, when I heard that Kenneth ‘Shakespeare’ Branagh was helming a new film based on the god of thunder and sometime super hero, the Mighty Thor (coupled with a frankly dreadful trailer) my hopes Thor was going to be worth the admission were low. And guess what? I was wrong.

Based on the Marvel comic story, Branagh’s Thor tells of a young and arrogant god prince (a bulked up Chris Hemsworth), who is banished to earth to learn humility by his kingly dad Odin (Anthony Hopkins) – leaving an opening for baddie brother Loki (a good turn from Tom Hiddleston) to step in and wreak some havoc. Can Thor save the day? Will his lady friend Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) realise who he is? Will Thor take his top off again? Well, what do you think?

Let’s face it – can’t be easy to bring a golden haired, arrogant god-prince to the big screen. What with all that potential to be too serious, too stupid, too boring, too ridiculous, too complicated or just, simply, silly. It is a fine line and thankfully Branagh has achieved the right mix, injecting his Thor with some tongue in cheek humour, CGI which doesn’t look too CGI and a baddie with a nice tortured back story. He even gives a nod to Marvel’s old Iron Man himself, Tony Stark, when the giant Asgardian robot lands on earth to kill our hero (listen carefully folks).

That’s not to say Thor is without flaws – the love story is bit more miss than hit, The Warriors Three and Lady Sif look a tad too ludicrous when they land on earth and Thor doesn’t half find his humility and the love of his life quickly. All nit picking really. Sure, Thor won’t win any awards for its classic and intensely realistic tale of Norse mythology. It is what it is – a bit of camped up fun that may well remind you of the all out action blockbusters you enjoyed as a kid. Simply enjoy.

Reviewer: Curlyshirley