Reviewers: who’s who

So, who do we think we are anyway, sharing our inner most thoughts with all of you? Here’s a rundown of who’s who…

Ink-stained wretch, frequenter of murky bookshops, obsessive viewer of Victorian memento mori photography, intermittent Grimaldi. Trying to look up at the stars from the gutter, but often thwarted by light pollution. Yup, that’s our wordsmith JoSheppard who likes her entertainment dark and scary…or else a bit cosy and warm like Edwardian Farm. Jo also reviews books and words and whatnot on her own (highly recommended) blog Being Obscure Clearly.

DavidMorgan is a real life newspaper reporter who dreams of working for Empire magazine. He lives in the shabby part of the posh town of Knutsford, with his girlfriend Sarah and two cats, and watches far too many films. He also enjoys staying up late playing Xbox games and just might be addicted to pizza. His top movies are The Empire Strikes BackIndiana Jones and the Temple of DoomMallratsPulp Fiction and Aliens. Oh, and he likes to talk theatre from time to time.

Our very own dieselpunk geek, CurlyShirley can be fairly vicious under that sweet, vintage exterior so enjoy her thoughts but don’t dwell too long ’cause it’ll be dark soon, and she mostly come at night…mostly. She is generally nonplussed by animation, still pines for Firefly and Spaced and her favourite movies are BronsonShaun of the DeadLock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, La Haine and Pitch Black.

Our guest bloggers like to make an appearance now and then – here’s the part-timers:

TomRidge lives in the cultural hub that is Ramsbottom, Lancashire, with his wife and cat. He sometimes thinks we are living through the cultural equivalent of the fall of ancient Rome. This might not be such a bad thing. His favourite films are PerformancePat Garret and Billy The Kid and The Devils.

Hard smoking, heavy Diet Coke-drinking and a fervent writer, AoifeWantonMovieLover, having been made cynical and old before her time in regional journalism, uses film and writing to provide light at the end of the tunnel. Unashamedly an entertainment buff – don’t expect references to 1920s silent film – but open to experience everything that unfolds on a movie screen – except Saw movies…and porn.

Mrs Queen, Kate Kearney, loves nothing more than a biography (preferably royal with lots of lovely madness and menance), a good black and white movie or something a bit on the violent side (The Krays,  The Take) but most of all, she loves her telly, particularly a period drama or anything about antiques.

Will marry for fame, Adam Fairclough knows his telly, because he wishes he was on it…though when you’ve had a double page spread in the company newsletter – what else is there to aim for? He lives and breathes business so topping his list are the likes of The Apprentice and Dragons Den.

A1zaz is our man in Canada and, when he’s not obsessing over Dexter, he’s well, nah, he’s never not obsessing over Dexter…except when he’s talking about Seth Rogan that is.


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