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Fancy sharing your views with the world on Popcorn and Candy? Well, we’d sure love to have you join our ranks and, despite what you may’ve heard, we’re generally a friendly bunch. Generally. And we do our very best to ensure our reviews get noticed and get read.

There is no payment (sorry, it’s all for the love of the game) for articles published but if you would like to submit a review simply pick a TV show or film that hasn’t been covered on our hallowed pages, and off you go! Send us your review (around 200 to 500 words) along with a profile pic and a line or three about yourself, including your fave films (see About Popcorn for examples), to

We do reserve the right to do a bit of editing but nothing big, just a little tidy up if needed, and we certainly never change a reviewer’s opinion; the first rule of Popcorn? We say what we think.

Now what ya waiting for? Get reviewing!

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